Taltola.Net  Internet Service Provider and IT solution company in Bangladesh. Taltola.Net started its journey with aim of providing very high-level software and technical support. The Company has developed a very talented force of IT experts who are creative and forward thinking in their approach. They are always ready to provide proper IT related solution based on clients demand. Taltola.Net believe in quality and service because quality and service create its own demand. Taltola.Net pricing is neither cheap nor high. We are responsible when it comes to pricing. And we assure you of our state of the out service.

We the company members work like a family. Each member stands with his professional identity and also with lots of respect to others. In this Taltola.Net Family everyone is very committed and responsible to his work. Regular weekly and monthly round table meetings enhance our work speed and relationship. We encourage our company members to spend few portion of their time to develop creativity, planning ability etc. Taltola.Net in all respect choose the simple and straight way. We try to makes everything clear to our clients. Our software engineers and testing department ensure the highest level of work membership. Such transparency in operation pays back through giving a very strong foundation to the confidence of the people who deals with Taltola.Net.

Quality and service

We believe in Quality and service because quality and service is the only way to creates a long-standing relationship with clients. We are very committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to our clients. We believe we can create a very comfortable business environment by giving proper quality product and after sale service. After sale service is very meaning full to us. We are always concern about our product quality and after-sale service to improve our long-standing relationship with clients.

Taltola.Net gratifies the distinctive requirements of corporate firms, especially those who are not able to employ hi-tech programmers, technicians, web-developers, computer specialists, etc, by offering IT solutions within your means. Whether your necessities are a basic website and internet access or a sophisticated database and broadband information network, Taltola.Net is your ultimate solution.
We create aweb strategy that both complements your marketing campaign and improves your competitive edge through custom graphics, design, and e-commerce clarifications, giving life to your business with a touch of our graphical magic.
Taltola.Net is the pioneer in logic based online business service for unique website designing, hosting, development, domain name registration, online marketing, search engine optimizing, web solutions and other service providers in the website-related industries.